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We build great websites from the ground up, balancing design, functionality and usability to meet your unique needs. Our custom web design services can help your Abbotsford organization implement successful digital marketing initiatives and boost customer engagement.

Branding & Digital Marketing Agency for Abbotsford Businesses

Serving Abbotsford Businesses with Custom Web Design

Are you an Abbotsford business owner in need of a website that’s visually attractive and effective in supporting your organizational objectives? We can help! As a local web design agency, Original Ginger has experience working with Abbotsford businesses to translate their brand identity and business requirements into beautiful custom websites. Our design process ensures that your needs form the foundation of the site architecture, graphic design and written content. We ensure this is a collaborative process aimed at achieving the best possible outcome by maintaining a two-way flow of recommendations and feedback.

A well-designed website is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. Abbotsford business owners who don’t make it a priority to have a high-quality website will struggle to compete with their peers.

An Authentic Brand Strategy

Amid the ever-evolving business landscape in Abbotsford, you need to stand out from your competition or risk fading into obscurity. Developing a strong brand strategy with a clear brand identity and messaging is a good place to start.

Our site 360 process explores the foundational elements of your brand, including your promise to customers about who you are, what you can deliver and why you do what you do. This is critical to ensure that your web design project clearly communicates to your customers what is unique about your brand and why this matters.

With a solid brand strategy, we can build a beautiful custom website for your Abbotsford business that embodies your desired brand messaging and customer experience.

Versatile Ecommerce Solutions

Do you need help growing your Abbotsford business via online sales? We can give your website design a boost by implementing an attractive, functional ecommerce solution customized to your specific requirements. Our recommended ecommerce platform is Ecwid as it provides both a smooth shopping experience for customers and easy back-end store management for business owners.

We are Ecwid experts with the know-how to seamlessly integrate this ecommerce solution into the website of your Abbotsford business. If you’re interested in an overview of ecommerce basics and tips for boosting your online sales, download our Essential Guide to E-commerce: 33 Shopping Cart Must-Haves. It will bring you up to speed on the key considerations that should go into a shopping cart and ecommerce strategy for your business.

Would you like to chat about your web design needs? Let’s meet at a local Abbotsford coffee shop to discuss the possibilities.

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Web Design Services in Abbotsford

We specialize in supporting Abbotsford businesses’ online success with websites that drive strong customer engagement.

Brand Strategy & Web Design Solutions for Businesses in Abbotsford

Propel the success of your Abbotsford business with an engaging & effective website. We can provide customized branding, web design and ecommerce services to help you better connect with your customers and drive real business results.

The Original Ginger team is here to help your Abbotsford business by:

Providing you with a custom website tailored to the needs of your brand.

Helping you connect meaningfully with your audience and convert visitors to customers.

Empowering you to drive online sales with an engaging ecommerce storefront.

Creating a mobile-responsive design so your website looks great on any device.

Supporting Abbotsford business owners

Our team of strategists, designers, developers, content writers, and videographers are ready to deliver your vision and tell your story. Give us a call at 778.298.1966 or complete our online form to book a consultation.

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From Our Portfolio

We know it can be comforting when other businesses you know have had a positive experience using our services. Here are a few examples of Abbotsford businesses that Original Ginger has helped to bring web design and brand strategy projects to life.


Open For Business

for client City of Abbotsford Economic Development

Brand Discovery | Video Production | Custom Website Design | Augmented Reality Video | CSS3 Animation | Illustration | Motion Graphic Design | Mobile Web Development | Photography | Print Design | Email Marketing

Abbotsford Web Design Project for Roll'n Coal BBQ Catering

Building a Crave-Worthy BBQ Catering Site

for client Roll’n Coal BBQ Catering

Brand Messaging | Custom Website Design | Graphic Design


A&I On The Go

for client FreshVu2Go

Brand Discovery | Custom Website Design | Mobile Web Development |
Video Production | Illustration | Motion Graphics | Social Media Design

Discover more examples in our portfolio.

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