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Chilliwack Web Design

We specialize in building websites that drive the success of digital marketing efforts by showcasing the best of a brand. We can help your Chilliwack organization with custom web design that strikes just the right balance of functionality, usability and aesthetics.

Boutique Digital Marketing Agency for Chilliwack Businesses

Providing Custom Web Design to Chilliwack Businesses

Are you a Chilliwack business owner searching for a way to boost your online customer engagement and increase your sales leads? We can help! As a local web design agency, Original Ginger has the market knowledge and technical expertise to build a stunning website to support your organizational objectives. We have experience guiding Chilliwack businesses through a comprehensive design process, ensuring that the site architecture, graphic design, written content and on-page SEO are all strategically aligned. Our team can work with you translate your ideas into an impactful website that generates results.

A well-crafted website is essential for any business using a digital marketing strategy to stand out. Chilliwack business owners who don’t invest a high-performing website will struggle to compete online.

A Clear Brand Strategy

As new businesses fight for market share in Chilliwack, you can use your brand messaging, identity and customer experience to set yourself apart. A strong brand strategy can help you protect your existing customer base and generate new leads.

During our site architecture process, we will explore the elements at the heart of your brand, including who you are, what you can deliver and why you do what you do. By clearly understanding what is unique about your brand, we can design visuals and messaging to communicate this to your target audience.

Ultimately, having a clear brand strategy will help us build a custom website for your Chilliwack business that authentically reflects your brand and creates a meaningful connection with your customers.

Flexible Ecommerce Solutions

Does your Chilliwack business need help harnessing the potential of online sales? Our experienced team can seamlessly integrate a flexible ecommerce solution into your website design. Our recommended ecommerce platform is Ecwid as it offers powerful functionality that can be customized to meet your needs while providing a smooth and attractive shopping experience for customers.

As Ecwid experts, we know the ins and outs of this leading ecommerce solution and can tailor it to the specific requirements of your Chilliwack business. If you’d like to brush up on ecommerce basics and learn tips that can help you boost your online sales, download our Essential Guide to E-commerce: 33 Shopping Cart Must-Haves. It will help you make informed decisions when developing a shopping cart and ecommerce strategy for your business.

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Chilliwack Web Design Services

Our specialized expertise helps businesses in Chilliwack forge stronger ties with their customers via smart web solutions.

Innovative Brand Strategy, Web Design & Ecommerce for Chilliwack Businesses

Show customers the true personality at the heart of your Chilliwack business with a website design that reflects your values and goals. We combine big agency expertise with boutique quality service to deliver creative branding, web design and ecommerce solutions.

The Original Ginger team can meet the needs of your Chilliwack business by:

Designing a custom website that showcases your brand at its best.

Maximizing your lead capture rate with an engaging design to convert visitors.

Implementing a flexible online storefront to meet your ecommerce needs.

Ensuring your site is mobile responsive so it looks amazing on any device.

Calling all Chilliwack business owners

Our experienced team of designers, developers, strategists, videographers and content writers can translate your brand vision into an engaging custom website. Contact us today at 778.298.1966 or complete our online form to make an appointment.

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From Our Portfolio

Before you embark on a major project, we know it can inspire confidence to see success stories involving other businesses in your area. The following are examples of Chilliwack businesses that Original Ginger has worked with on successful brand strategy and web design projects.

Rebalance Rehab  Brand Strategy Portfolio for Original Ginger

Building a Brand That’s on the Move…

for client Rebalance Rehab

Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | Logo Design | Brand Messaging | Custom Website Design | Print Design | Banners & Signage | PowerPoint Design

Tulips of the Valley Portfolio for Original Ginger

Showcasing the Best of a Tulip Fest

for client Tulips of the Valley

Brand Logo Design | Brand Messaging | Custom Website Design | Mobile Web Design |
Ticket Integration | Lead Generation Design & Development

Harrison Festival Society Portfolio | Original Ginger

Let The Music Play

for client Harrison Festival Society

Brand Discovery | Custom Web Design | Mobile Web Design | Illustration |
Email Marketing

Visit our portfolio to explore more of our work.

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