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We specialize in designing and building websites that balance great design with powerful functionality. If your Coquitlam organization is looking to boost online customer engagement or drive ecommerce sales, Original Ginger has the web design expertise to help.

Boutique Branding & Digital Marketing for Coquitlam Businesses

Custom Web Design for Coquitlam Businesses

Are you a Coquitlam business owner looking for help to boost your sales leads and improve your online customer engagement? We can help! Original Ginger is a local web design agency with experience supporting Coquitlam businesses with their digital marketing efforts. Our talented team can guide you through a comprehensive web design process, from site architecture and graphic design to strategic content writing and on-page SEO. We take pride in delivering excellent service, providing recommendations at every stage and incorporating your feedback throughout the entire process.

A well-designed website is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Coquitlam business owners who choose not to invest in a high-quality, well-branded website will face an uphill battle when competing online.

An Impactful Brand Strategy

As the business landscape in Coquitlam evolves, how you present your business in terms of brand identity, brand messaging and customer experience can make all the difference. With so many voices fighting to be heard, a strong brand strategy is essential.

As part of our web design process, we’ll work with you to explore the key elements of your brand strategy, including your brand messaging, visuals and customer experience.

Our site architecture process helps us dig deep into your brand to understand who you are, what you can deliver and WHY you do what you do. By uncovering what is unique about your brand and your business, we can develop a strategy for communicating this to your customers and incorporate this strategy when building a website for your Coquitlam business.


Smart Ecommerce Solutions

Are you looking for a way to boost online sales for your Coquitlam business? We have the expertise to seamlessly integrate an attractive ecommerce solution into your website design. We recommend Ecwid as the ideal ecommerce platform as it strikes a great balance between delivering a smooth shopping experience for customers and providing you with simple yet powerful functionality.

As Ecwid experts, we can customize an ecommerce storefront to meet the unique needs of your Coquitlam business. If you’re interested in learning about ecommerce basics and picking up tips on how to maximize your online sales, download our Essential Guide to E-commerce: 33 Shopping Cart Must-Haves. It cuts straight to the heart of what you need to know and consider when planning your shopping cart and ecommerce strategy.

Do you have questions about how to make your web design project a success? Let’s meet for coffee in Coquitlam to discuss.

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Coquitlam Web Design Services


When Coquitlam businesses need help connecting with their customers online, we have the expertise to deliver results.


Professional Web Design, Brand Strategy & Ecommerce for Coquitlam Businesses


We can boost your Coquitlam business by helping you build a solid brand foundation to connect with your customers via a customized website. We provide strategic advice and creative web design solutions that combine big agency expertise with boutique quality service.

The Original Ginger team is here to help your Coquitlam business by:

Building a custom website that reflects the very best of your brand.

Boosting your lead capture rate so you can convert visitors into customers.

Providing powerful ecommerce solutions for your online storefront.

Ensuring your site looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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Attention Coquitlam business owners

Do you need help translating your brand into a compelling online presence? Our team of designers, strategists, developers, content writers and videographers is here to help. Call us at 778.298.1966 or complete our online form to arrange an appointment.

From Our Portfolio

When you’re assessing service providers for a major project, we know it can inspire confidence to see other businesses from your neighbourhood that have had success using our services. Below are some examples of businesses in the Coquitlam area that have put their trust in Original Ginger for brand strategy and web design.

CanSleep | Coquitlam Web Design Services


Awakening Brand Awareness

for client CanSleep Services Inc.

Custom Website Design | Brand Messaging | Interactive Forms |
Print Design

BC Lupus Society Logo Design | Original Ginger Portfolio


Lending a Helping Hand

for client BC Lupus Society

Brand Logo Design | Sponsorship

Check out our portfolio for more examples of our work.

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