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Custom Web Design

We build great websites that look good and perform even better – a blending of form and function that marketers dream of. And that’s important, because your website is the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. When we’re building a website, we’re building the foundation for your digital success.

So What Goes Into Creating A Great Custom Web Design?

We’re glad you asked! Here are just a few of the things we bring to the table. All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform which makes it super easy for you to manage basic administration yourself. Your website will be completely portable if you decide you want to change hosting providers or website administrator. We develop using quality up to date code and all of our websites are built to be mobile responsive so that search engines won’t penalize the ranking of your website. That also means a great user experience for your customers.

Website Requirements

Custom web design is for business owners who want to stand out from the rest by spending more time refining their branded messaging, visual brand, and customer experience. Full exploration of site architecture, on-page SEO, graphic design, user experience, and special feature functionality is included. This involves strategic content writing and storytelling and may also involve animation and illustration depending on the project.

We share valuable recommendations throughout the process and you have a chance to provide feedback during every step. Contact us to discuss your custom web design requirements.

Small business website packages are available for new business owners who may have a limited budget and a tight deadline. WordPress websites are a more versatile and robust alternative to DIY platforms, delivering a higher quality website that can evolve with your business and not be limited in design or customization as your budget allows. Learn more about our small business website packages.

User-centric Design

Every custom website we design and develop starts with an exploration of your brand, to understand the messaging, design, technology and structure that will work best for you and your customers. This user-centric, responsive web design approach, which involves requirements gathering, ideation, content architecture, visual design, custom development and testing, ensures your website functions as a digital extension of your brand identity and business strategy.

Creative Custom Content

Interactive, engaging websites need to look good, engage your customers, and communicate your brand story. We make this happen by helping you with elements like brand logo design, brand messaging, graphic design, illustration, animation, and video. Your customers need to understand what makes you different from your competitors; but more importantly, they need to feel a connection with your brand.

Responsive Website Design

What’s responsive website design, you ask? It’s an approach that ensures your website is mobile friendly – optimized for viewing, navigation and interaction no matter what device is being used. And if you’re wondering why that’s important, consider that mobile browsing and search are going through the roof, and search engines like Google now base their ranking in part on whether a site is responsive or not. Yikes! That means your website is penalized if it’s not mobile friendly.

Keeping It Fresh

Nobody wants to see a product shot from three years ago, or a blog post about an old promotion. That’s right – an effective website needs to have fresh content that evolves as your business grows. When we create your website we use a content management system (CMS) that allows you to be as hands-on with your website as you want. It also makes it easy for us to continue support through regular website maintenance, security monitoring, and marketing initiatives.

Turbo-charged Ecommerce

Who doesn’t love more sales? We’ll implement an attractive, functional ecommerce solution to integrate seamlessly into your website’s design and structure. Find out more about our ecommerce services. And if you’re thinking about adding an e-commerce function to your website, our useful guide to online shopping carts is a valuable resource to help you understand some of the considerations that go into our choice of shopping cart and finding just the right solution for you.

The Essential Guide to Ecommerce: 33 Shopping Cart Must-Haves, outlines all considerations in choosing your best shopping cart and e-commerce strategies. Enjoy your free download and a behind the scenes tour, then imagine how wildly successful your online storefront will be.

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​This guide will help ​you understand the balance between design, function, customer experience and user experience for an effective website. It's a strongresource, an informative read, and would be very helpful prior to ​meeting with an agency like Original Ginger.

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