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Looking for an Ecwid e-commerce solutions provider? Well, you’re in the right place! We understand Ecommerce and have implemented many successful online stores for our customers. In fact, we are proud to say that we are considered Ecwid experts.

Why We Consider Ecwid Ecommerce as Our First Choice for Clients

Ecwid is an ecommerce platform that gives us flexible and affordable development options for implementation of an attractive, functional Ecommerce solution that integrates seamlessly into your website’s design and structure. Keeping the customer happy is your main goal. Making sure that your business is able to sell smarter, better, faster and stronger is ours.

Already have a WordPress website? We can embed your store seamlessly into your existing WordPress website for you with our Ecommerce Integration Services. Building your own website on a DIY Platform? Skip the stress and hire us to provide design, guidance and Ecommerce Integration.

You can also book dedicated time with one of our Ecommerce experts to discuss your in-depth requirements. We will take you through all of the key factors to consider when deciding whether an Ecwid Ecommerce solution is right for you and what Ecommerce strategies will suit your needs. Consider it a behind the scenes tour of what exactly makes your online sales possible and a look at how effectively you’ll be able to manage your storefront. Before you get caught up designing the dream end-user experience, discover the features that a properly designed Ecommerce solution can offer your company to help make those plans a reality.

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Ecwid Ecommerce Features You’ll Love!

Overall Customizability

We can implement a fully customized online store to match your company’s brand design. This way, your shopping cart seamlessly integrates with your website for a cohesive experience from start to finish. Consistency looks professional, and good design is a pleasure to interact with.

Blazing Speed

If your store doesn’t load quickly enough, potential buyers won’t wait around. With an Ecwid Ecommerce solution, we can build the front end and the back end to be fast and efficient. You’ll spend more time working, and less time staring in frustration at a loading screen.

SEO Value

Just as with your website, all of your hard work is for naught if a potential customer isn’t able to find your products. On-page search engine optimization is paramount. All our Ecwid Ecommerce project implementations include strategic product descriptions, categories, and options that help increase your search rankings.

Product Option Flexibility

Being able to show product options such as colour, size, or customization ‘at a glance’ is a major plus for online shoppers. We want your customers to find products quickly.

Mobile Friendly

Your online store needs to display and function well on all devices. With an Ecwid Ecommerce solution from Original Ginger, customers will be able to complete a transaction and process payments easily “on the go” from their mobile devices, which means you won’t miss out on any sales.

Simple Interface

We’ll make it simple to add products, modify item information, and change prices. Your order fulfillment, shipping, and administrative teams will all be able to work effectively and accurately to manage your inventory.

Merchandise Levels

Inventory tracking made easy. You’ll know when it’s time to re-order well before you run out, what’s taking the longest to sell, and what’s turning over quickly. That means you can make smarter decisions about ordering, keep stock on hand, and plan successful sales and promotions.

Product Options

We’ll set up drop down menus, radio buttons, check boxes and more to help you to flexibly and clearly display the different product options available to your shoppers.

Category Creation

If you have a lot of different types of products, the ability to create categories is a must. In some cases items may fall into multiple categories, or menus may require detailed nesting. Our experience is your advantage — we’ll set things up so your customers can quickly find what they are looking for.


Just right for small businesses. Whether your business is big or small, cost is an important factor. It shouldn’t cost you the moon to set up a simple shopping cart.

Easy Upgrades

Technology is always changing. You need to stay up to date. An Ecwid Ecommerce integration allows for seamless upgrades to new features without causing down time or extra programming. You can’t afford to have your shopping cart go offline every time there’s a new update.


Don’t you just love time savers! We can implement immediate automated delivery of digital products and e-goods following customer payment, via email or download to the customer.

Customer Uploads

Let’s say you have products that can be personalized, and customers need to provide a logo or graphic. Products can be set up to include file uploads as an option during the checkout process. This means no wasted time and resources for you and faster service and delivery for your customers!

Customized Communication

Any administrative or customer communications triggered by a customer purchase are fully customizable. Clients will appreciate the extra effort to take care of them, and employees will receive the info they require for timely and accurate order fulfillment and shipping.

Payment Options

Ecwid integrates with a number of payment gateway options. You’ll be able to accept credit cards and online payments such as PayPal that will play well with your existing merchant services company or bank.

Curbside Pickup and Local Delivery

In today’s world customers are getting used to the idea of contactless curbside pickup. It means a quick one-minute pit stop to get their online purchases instantly instead of waiting days for a delivery to arrive. The same applies to local delivery. In times of social distancing, it gives both customers and businesses a way to interact as safely as possible. This method also simplifies payment interactions because they happen in advance from your online storefront.

It’s easy to set up multiple curbside pick up options on different dates with varying time ranges, which works great for retail shops, restaurants, spas and more. Currently, this is a must; but, it’s likely to become the “new normal” as customers begin to recognize the convenience of this new way of doing things.

Shipping Estimates & Tracking

There’s nothing as disappointing as finding out an item you just ordered won’t actually ship immediately, or that the cost is much higher than expected. With Ecwid you will be able to provide clear shipping estimates, so customers stay informed – and happy. You’ll be able to offer flexible shipping based on carrier-calculated shipping methods (Fedex, UPS, Canada Post, USPS etc.), flat rate, free shipping, and custom shipping based on weight or subtotal, or shipping rates per product.

These days, the ability to track a shipment is an absolute must for most customers. You’ll be able to provide email updates on tracking numbers, as well as a place for customers to check up on the status of their order. An Ecwid Ecommerce solution implemented by Original Ginger integrates with carriers like USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and UPS, and allows you to offer real-time shipping rates, and automatically updated tracking numbers on an order as soon as it is created.

Status Tracking

Keeping track of order status is important to your administrative process, but it’s also a “nice to have” for customers. Wouldn’t it be great to update each order as you fulfill it AND notify your customer at the same time with no extra steps involved? This means fewer calls to your customer service team and less chance an item gets missed or even sent twice.

Policy Acceptance

Allowing for customer acceptance of privacy, shipping, and refund policies during the checkout process is something we can implement for you on the Ecwid Ecommerce platform. Then you can keep a record to show that customers have been given the chance to look over your policies and have accepted them; it’s also a great way to make it easier for your clients to actually find them in the first place.

Account Creation

Make it easy for your customers to create an account. When they come back and shop again they can quickly reference past orders and favourites without having to re-enter their shipping and payment info twice. With a customer account, you will have a direct line to your clients, and will be able to provide better service and a smoother experience.


Discount coupons, tiered pricing, volume discounts, and limited time promotions are all excellent ways to help grow your sales, and Ecwid provides you with a way to manage it all simply.


An important piece of the puzzle is security. With an Ecwid e-commerce solution, you’ll transmit sensitive information via a secure HTTPS channel, from PCI-DSS validated Level 1 Service Providers – this is the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. Your customers deserve a safe and trustworthy shopping experience, and you will be able to conduct your business safely and responsibly while building brand loyalty.

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Imagine your E-Commerce Website: beautiful, functional and effective


​This guide ​walks ​you through all of the elements you need to consider when choosing an "out of the box" e-commerce solution so you can strike a perfect balance between design, function, customer experience and user experience​.

Start building your Ecwid Ecommerce solution with Original Ginger!

Your clients want to see a beautifully branded storefront full of big images and as much product information as you can provide. An Ecwid Ecommerce solution from Original Ginger will give your business the control and flexibility to display everything your customers are looking for, and to help them discover your products – even if they don’t know about your business yet. You’ll also be able to organize your product lines, maintain accurate merchandise numbers, and better understand sales trends. From putting items into stock right through to sending them back out the door, your business needs the ability to manage every step of the process.

If you’re ready to get started adding an online storefront to your website, give Original Ginger a call. We have the tools and the experience to help you from the planning stage right through to implementation. We can make it easy, effective, affordable, and stress-free. Give us a call at 778.298.1966 or Toll Free at 1.855.298.8650, or learn more about our web-based services for small businesses to see how we can help.

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