Surrey School District

Demystifying Digital Learning.

The Surrey Schools District #36 is the largest district in BC, with 124 schools located in Surrey and White Rock, and offers a wide range of education and support programs to students of all ages. They are considered leaders in education and constantly strive to improve policy and access to the latest technology for their teachers and students.

Digital Trailblazers.

With students and many teachers adopting online tools like Facebook and Twitter to communicate socially with others both inside and outside the classroom, District #36 felt there was a need to address some of the issues arising from this trend. They approached us to develop a motion graphics video to shed light on the concerns around protection of privacy.


Sending A Clear Message.

Understanding that it is a major concern for parents and a potential legal issue for the district if student information is shared without consent, we created a video that addressed the issue clearly and effectively. Used as a learning tool for both students and teachers, the video was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

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