The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools

Making a Splash in a Crowded Market.

Just like a swimming pool on a sunny day, the hot tubs and pools market is crowded, so standing out can be difficult. That’s why the owners of The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools turned to Original Ginger for help with brand messaging and custom website design.

We started by digging deep to fully understand the business, from its roots spanning 25+ years to its diverse product and service offering. Through this discovery process, we translated their unique ethos and commitment to quality into clear messaging that cuts through the market noise. We also created distinctive design elements for the new website that carve out a visual identity for The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools, which the client can also apply to other marketing collateral.

One of the unique challenges of this project was to deliver more value with less online real estate. The client came to us with four existing websites representing different locations and product lines – an impractical setup from a marketing and maintenance perspective.

Whistler Website Design Project The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools by Original Ginger
Diving Happily into the Deep End.


We tackled this challenge by streamlining their content and optimizing their information architecture. This allowed us to replace the four existing sites with one powerful, well-crafted website where visitors can find everything they need to know about The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools with minimal clicks.

With its huge selection of hot tubs, swim spas, pools and accessories, as well as diverse services and a great backstory, designing and building this website was a major undertaking. Add to this a busy travel schedule for the owners of The Splash Hot Tubs & Pools and there ended up being a lot of moving parts to manage for this project.

Fortunately, this is the kind of challenge we thrive on at Original Ginger. We are accustomed to working remotely when necessary, so conference calls, emails and desktop sharing meant the distance between us was no obstacle. And with the client’s collaborative spirit and positive attitude, diving into this project was a wonderful experience.


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