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The 5 Planks to Brand Strategy ebook

Learn how to grow your business by attracting the right customers ​​and ensuring your brand remains relevant over time.

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What's Inside:

  • Introduction​
  • Branding Basics​
  • How a Brand Strategy Works
  • Learn the Stages of the Customer Value Journey
  • How to Build a Brand
  • How to Define your Target Customers
  • How to Build the Perfect Branding Bridge
  • Ongoing Steps for Managing Your Brand
  • And More...​

Who should read ​this ​guide?

Every ​business owner, solopreneur, and company executive.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does your brand attract the r​​​​​ight kind of customers?

​If you’re not getting quality sales leads, or you’ve seen a decrease in revenue, you’ve got your answer. Your brand may not be resonating with your target audience. Why? It could be one of many brand strategy obstacles ​.

  • Do you know which customers and markets you should target?
  • ​Are you ​attracting customers who can help your business grow?
  • Are you ​doing the right things to retain their interest and loyalty?
  • Are you ​​reaching sales leads that convert easily to long-term customers?
  • Does your ​​brand already have a loyal following? If not, why?

So how do you address ​problem areas? How do you find the weak spots in your brand strategy​?

If you don’t have a brand strategy, or your current one isn’t working, it could be because you’re missing a plank. ​​When we say “plank”, we mean the pieces of your brand strategy that fit together like a puzzle. Miss one piece and you don’t have a complete vision that can guide your marketing and branding campaigns. If you want ​​qualified leads ​you need to ​fix it! Get some tips from the experts at Original Ginger.  Download our FREE Ebook, The 5 Planks to Brand Strategy: How to Attract the Right Customers and Generate Leads​. All it takes, ​is your email. Use the form to enter your email ​​and within minutes, it will pop into your inbox, ready to read. 

Print it out. Sleep with it under your pillow. It’s yours to own. ​

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